Thursday, 16 July 2009

August meetup: Democracy

After reading From Marxism to Post Marxism in July, we're experimenting with an article format for August 5th on the theme of Democracy. The articles I've selected are:

Democracy and democracy-support: a new era, by Christopher Hobson and Milja Kurki

Capitalism and democracy, by Achin Vanaik

The Rise of Illiberal Democracy, by Fareed Zakaria

Is democracy possible? by Bruce Gilley

Political parties in comparative perspective, by Paul Webb

Democracy can be bad for you, by Eric Hobsbawm and Jacques Attali

Power to the People, Executive Summary and Recommendations, Power Report

If it's more convenient I've formatted the above for easy printing at.

There's also an extended list of other interesting articles, which are optional:

No hay mujeres: Latin America women and gender equality, by Kristen Sample

Chile or Venezuela - Which is the Good Democracy?
, by Rodrigo Acuña

Democracy for export: principles, practices, lessons
, by Daniele Archibugi

The Defeat of Democracy in Luciano Canfora, by Dylan Riley, NLR

Canfora's scandalous history of democracy, by Adam Krzeminski

Nothing to turn back to
, by Neal Lawson

California: No longer the Golden State? by Peter Aldhous

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